Friday, July 9, 2010


“O, brave new world that has such people in it!”- The Tempest

The colors, the cultures, and the chorus of languages on this boat: We are symphonic here in Tivat! A collection of long lost soul mates found once more. Making something out of nothing but what we find on the floor and in the hearts and minds of one another. My goodness, what an adventure…

French, Canadian, German, Swiss, Bulgarian, Australian, Greek, American, Mexican, Turkish, British, Brazilian, Dutch, Spanish, Croatian… like living in an international house of mirrors. In the faces of these free spirits I take a good, deep look at myself. Day in and Day out, as the moon waxes and wanes in a splendid bend over these black mountains; as the sun spills over the aqua green sea, I breath, buckle, belt, boil, break, burst into a smile and soar…then once more: I Roar!! Into the waves, I wrestle and wrangle, release, rest and REJOICE-- what fortune to grow at light speed!

Though the challenge be stunningly fierce! I believe, with everything I am, that right here and right now, we, on this tall ship in diamond-thieving-Montenegro, represent a mini version of the world; a Micro to the Macro- and through our efforts to breach language barriers, overcome that fiery-piece-of-dark-bit that says “I’m right and you’re wrong”; through our conscious dialogue and communal mission we connect the deepest aspects of our selves toward our common goals- through this work we creatively, collectively, move the universe towards world PEACE.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


How did I get on this boat? “Faith, man.” She says with a “no, but I’m serious” kinda look to her face. Something I really wanted didn’t happen and in the pits of despair I redetermined, right there: No! I am not going to be defeated by this overwhelming sense of “why did my dreams fall through?” I AM GOING TO STOP PLANNING MY LIFE AND START TRUSTING MY LIFE… I am going to get the most undeniably- perfect-for-me summer job- He heart yelled- and its going to be in the most beautiful place in the wide world, with the most incredible people, for all of the reasons why I do theater and … and…
Next morning she awoke, still floating the waves of a dream at sea. "How cool would it be to do theater on a ship.." she recalled in her bed. The mists of the nights fantasy evaporating in the morning sun. But, the resonance of the haunting kept a murmur in her heart, enough to get her talking to anyone who would listen… “No, not like theater on a cruise ship but like a sail boat or something…?”

Three days later a friend called and planted the seed of the Caravan Stage Company. It was as if she had read my heart, painted it and were describing it to me over the phone. Life is extraordinary isn't it? I pursued, the puzzle piece fit and so the adventure in the Adriatic unfolds…

Beyond my wildest…

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Journey from Here to Here

New York to Dublin- Mom I’m in Europe and I am fine. Just landed in Dublin. I met an insta-friend in JFK. I love the airport bar before a big, expectation-less adventure. She's a Middle-age-Mommy, spreading her wobbly wings on the winds of independence and the audacious aim for freedom. She planned this journey with her daughter but, with wisdom, she sees that it needs to be her own. We moved our lives forward and then with a wink and a hollar in love and luck set out to our seats for a hopeful, over seas sleep. Ireland in the now? Is wish for Wellys and a palomino pony. I'm thrilled to see a friend for my afternoon lay over- I should have packed a better jacket.

Barcelona- "I slept well last night" she’ll say. Got to know an Ikea couch while my hosts untied their heart strings as she sets out for the wide. I hear the men on the streets clatter and clank as the late night meal stills finds out what to do with itself. My Spanish is growing and I am inspired by patience. Good Morning Barcelona, sorry to love and leave.

Here!- Tivat, Montenegro- I am in bed. In my very top bunk. Perfect size for me. Two people below. Neither snore. Score!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Wisdom for Modern Life by Daisaku Ikeda
Monday, May 31, 2010
The poetic spirit encourages people in all ranks and places to return to their naked humanity. Neither sentimental nor fantastic, it embraces and affirms the whole world and all its inhabitants; it imparts the will to remain optimistic and unbending in the face of all hardships.
As a believer in innate human goodness, I am certain that the concentrated power of good can overcome the greatest forces of evil. The poetic spirit helps us control the greed-dominated self. It helps us handle the actual while keeping our eyes turned toward the ideal.

Friday, May 28, 2010