Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catching the North Wind

And so we saddle the sea once more. This time headed for a southern shore. And since I have been here and you have not, ill tray out some slices, otherwise forgot: We started in Fano,Italy, North of Ancona. Hosted by a fancy marina. Markus, my boyfriend, and I arrived at the caravan expecting to build the piece: he in the ways of wood work and I behind the music.. but of course, as magic of the universe goes and flows, the lead in the show dropped out and, yep... next thing i know Markus and I are both being fitted for our leotards. Oh yes, leotards...

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  1. Doria, so beautifully written!! I love your bloggy! Leotards? Can't wait to read more. Warmly, Julie Flygare